Dream #942

Dreamt of spending a long weekend with Yuko-hime in an old, classy hotel detailed in warm, rich woodwork. It has a bar with a small space for musicians to set up. The first two nights they just had an accoustic guitarist, which really wasn’t my cup of tea. But the last night they had a three-piece rockabilly band and I was disappointed there wasn’t room to dance.


Dream #941

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I had moved into a new apartment building that had group showers, rather than a shower for each unit. And the shower room was underconstruction. There was no place to put my clothes except a stepladder in the center of the room. I had trouble finding a place to put the ladder so I could hang my pants out of the incidental spray from the showerheads while at the same time keeping my money and credit cards from falling out of my pocket.

Dream #940

Dreamt that we had to take shelter from the blizzard in the parking lot. Coleman W. figured out that if we dug narrow trenches into the snow below our cars, we would be out of the wind and sheets were all we needed to keep warm. The trenches had to be narrow, though, so only one person per trench and only one trench per vehicle.

Dream #938

Dreamt of riding in the car with Yuko-hime along a strangely rectilinear road. Because of the suddenness of some of the sharp, 90┬░turns, Yuko-hime ended pretty close to the edge of the cliffs. My heart raced every time.

Dream #937

Dreamt of taking a solo, exploratory voyage to another planet circling another start. Earth had detected radio signals from it, so we knew it was inhabited. I was sad that I had to leave all I loved behind, but excited to be making first contact. Unfortunately, do to a miscalculation of the effects of time dilation, I was seven million years too late. The inhabitants had somehow managed to destroy their own world and I arrived to find a new asteroid belt where the planet should’ve been.