Dream #936

Dreamt of walking through the city ruins on layers of shattered stone in the aftermath of the zombie apocalpyse. We came across and man’s body lying motionless on its back. Concerned that it may actually be a zombie, we decided to cut off its head. Unfortunately, we only had a butter knife. The decapitation was a long, gruesome process. Especially cutting through the spine.


Dream #935

Dreamt of walking through the woods in the snow and stumbling upon my old, childhood hiding place. It was a small cavity in the earth — just big enough for me to curl up in — sheltered from the elements by a bush and some flowers, which were still blooming even in the cold. I crawled inside to find that I still fit and that it was still warm.

Dream #934

Dreamt of dropping a miniature bomb on a model city that I had built on the kitchen table. When the bomb stuck, the explosion demolished most of the bright red train station and several of the surrounding buildings.

Dream #933

Dreamt that I was making my way along the shore of a frozen lake with Joe I. and some other UMR Ballroom Team members. The bank was very steep with snow to the point that we had to walk on the iced over lake. I wanted everyone to stay near the shore in case the ice cracked. That way, if they fell in, they wouldn’t slip under the ice and drown.

Dream #932

Dreamt I was designing a row of townhouses and wanted to discuss the possibilities for the roofs with Yuko-hime. I could either give each townhome its own roof or I could design one roof to extend across the entire row. Yuko-hime didn’t care one way or another. She was more interested in making sure I put bookcases by the beds.

Dream #931

Dreamt that Anjelica M. had gotten a short haircut, and was afraid it made her look like a boy. Neither myself nor anyone else on the UMR Ballroom Dance Team understood her concern. She still looked like a girl.

Dream #930

Dreamt of trying to hold a narrow corridor against the enemy forces, which were composed of star fighters, robots, and genetically engineered warbeasts. The only help I had was my sword and Captain Apollo from the original Battlestar Galactica, who was piloting a warship. We were doing well until a lucky shot knocked Apollo unconscious and I was afraid we’d be overrun. That is until Starbuck showed up in his own star fighter.