Dream #919

Dreamt of visiting a pet store with Monty F. The store had rodents in boxes on sale. Each small cardboard box had a rodent of some kind in it. Some had gerbels, some had hamsters, some had chipmunks, and so on. We noticed a cat eyeing a large box containing about a dozen rodent, but the cat was far too big to get in the whole. The residents keep poking their noses out, almost as if to tease the cat. In jest, we egged the cat on: “Go get ’em!”

The cat lunged and burst through a seam at the corner of the box. By the time we got it open, all the rodents were gone. No blood, no fur, nothing. And the cat looked very happy.


Dream #918

Dreamt of a small girl in a playroom. She had short black hair, glasses on a cute, round face, and black and white polkadot dress. She was a little confused as to why I was having her blow her nose in toilet paper. “Because we are out of Kleenex.” She accepted that explanation.

Dream #917

Dreamt I missed my plane to Texas so ended up a day late in meeting Rick F. When we finally met up, to told me a story about meeting Al Jourgensen and being invited to write a song for the last Ministry album. Rick and fourteen other people each got to write a song that Ministry would then record as their own. I was so jealous.

Dream #916

Dreamt of watching closely as a blonde woman walked by with two chickens in her arms. She became outraged because she thought I was staring at her breasts. “No,” I tried to explain, “One of your chickens has three legs! I’ve never seen a three-legged chicken before!” But she wasn’t listening and in a fit threw her chickens away and ripped of her shirt. “If you want to see my breasts, HERE! Stare all you want!”

Dream #915

Dreamt that Tim H. and I were watching Katie D. dance tango. The dance floor had a large loop-de-loop section and points were awared for how high up — or over — the loop-de-loop the couple could get. I was surprised that Katie wasn’t competing with Tim.

Dream #914

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I were sweep up in a house as it was flung into the air by a tornado. We struggled to reach each other’s hand to hold on as the floor was being torn out below us. “Hold on!” I told her, “Jump when I tell you to.” On my mark, we both stepped backwards and landed safely onto the top of a hill that was only three feet below us.