Dream #913

Dreamt I was serving daiquiris to Will K., Erika K., and a handful of other Mayo High School graduates. Will was drinking one after another and surprised at how quickly they hit him. “They are 50% rum,” I told him. “Are you going to be okay to drive?”

He immediately sobered up. “I was just pretending to be drunk,” he said.


Dream #912

Dreamt that Al Jourgensen approached me after a night at a karaoke bar. He was retiring from touring and wanted me to try out for the vocal role in Ministry. During rehearsal I could not recreate the harsh lyrics. My voice was just clean and classical. “Don’t worry,” he said, “Once you take over, you get to make the sound your own.”

Dream #911

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I were living in the Red House during a blizzard. Worried, I managed to open the back door to find the three baby rabbits we’d taken under our care had made nests of straw and dried grass on the porch right near the door. They were so still that I thought they were dead, but Yuko-hime reassured me that they were just sleeping and I went about creating a small pen for them at the top of the basement stairs.

Dream #908

Dreamt of attending a Ministry show at a bar. Al Jourgensen passed out request forms so that the small, dedicated audience could choose which songs they’d play for each set.

Dream #907

Dreamt of attending a Skinny Puppy show at Brothers Bar in Rochester, MN. Ogre was playing acoustic guitar with only a drummer for back-up. Rick F. myself and the two other people at the show were all impressed with the quality of the music despite the venue.