Dream #905

Dreamt to of trying to build a Christmas tree out of Lego-like, snap-together building blocks. In order to get the pieces I needed, I had to climb several hundred feet in the air to dismantle last year’s constructions. The best pieces were at the top and the ledges up there were very shaky. By the time I’d collected those pieces, I was confident the structure would hold my weight.


Dream #904

Dream that my hair was long enough that the ends were constantly poking me in the eyes. Daniel A. opened up his jack knife to the scissors and offered to give me a hair cut. I was reluctant. “What?” he asked, “I used to be a professional hair stylist! I’ll give you a great cut!” So I agreed to let him trim my bangs.

Dream #903

Dreamt of sparring with Tony N. When he came in for his first strike with his escrima I deftly avoided it and slapped him four times with my yard-long strips of cloth. His instructor, a fat man with full beard and sloppy uniform, saw how badly I was beating Tony and stepped in. “Let’s see you do that with someone closer to your skill level!” he said.

I deftly avoided his first strike as well, and slapped him multiple times with my cloth strips before he could react. He was not happy.

Dream #902

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I fell from an orbital station wearing hardsuits designed to protect us from the descent. We splashed down in a shallow sea with and eye large enough for us both to fit in looking up at us. The eye belonged to a gigantic plesiosaur and I figured we were far too small for it to bother eating.

Dream #901

Dreamt of sitting in the hotel lobby, waiting for Yuko-hime. Jel M., who was sitting next to me, turned to me and said, “Yuko’s kind of late, isn’t she?” I looked at the clock and it was almost 9:00p and suddenly I was worried. I tried to call her cellphone but heard a ringing from the chair next to me. Yuko-hime had left her phone behind. We had no way to get a hold of each other, so if she was lost or in trouble, she was on her own. And I was very worried.

Dream #900

Dreamt of waiting at a bus stop when a homeless man with obvious mental development differences started talking to the other people waiting. None of them had time for him and many were very rude if not outright mean to him. Calling him names and ridiculing his strange way of speaking. He fell in line behind me and tried striking up a conversation. I didn’t have much to say to him in return, but he seemed rather lonely, so I didn’t send him away. I nodded politely and engaged when I could. Finally, the bus arrived. The bus driver was very friendly to the man and I was happy he’d found a place he was accepted.

Dream #899

Dreamt of trying to find my way to my Japanese language class through a small, European-looking town. I walked through brick townhome lined streets, stately courtyards with bronze statues to famous figures from history, small, tree-line parks. Not a single person in sight. I couldn’t find my class, but didn’t mind the walk due to the picturesque scenery.