Dream #890

Deamt that I was looking through a cardboard box of GURPS books, looking for my hardbound copy of _Pyramid #3/60: Dungeon Fantasy III_. After a short search I remembered I hadn’t bought it yet.


Dream #889

Dreamt that General Dean B. was running for President of the United States. His TV advertisement was free of the normal negative attacks that usually come with political commercials and seemed very authentic.

Dream #888

Dreamt of driving a bus down a steep and twisted mountain road. It had just snowed and the road was very slippery. I had trouble keeping the bus under control but I kept it on the road. I was glad I didn’t take the shortcut, which was steeper with even tighter turns.

Dream #887

Dreamt I was in the middle of the ocean with no land or boat in sight. I swam as long as I could, but I released that I was going to drown no matter what I did, so I decided to see if I could reach the bottom of the ocean. I swam down into the black waters to find the bottom was much closer than I expected. I also found a ship’s anchor attached to a chain. I followed the chain up. It lead to an old sailing vessel floating on the surface, still in sailing condition. I also saw that the sun had come out and there were several tropical islands in easy swimming distance. I swam to the islands, hauling the ship by its anchor.

The islands were inhabited by members from the UMR Ballroom Team including Hannah B., Jimmy D., Tim H., and Jel M. We decided to sail the ship back to civilization.

Dream #886

Dreamt my Cube World seed had become a MMO server. When I entered it, I found that it was massively overbuilt and thousands of people were running around. I had the choice of either entering my seed on my own computer and playing all alone, or, since all Cube World worlds are infinite, I could run until I got to the edge of the built-up area to find some wilderness to explore.

Dream #884

Dreamt of trying to teach the UMR Ballroom Team, but far too many people were ignoring me talking amongst themselves. Instead of trying to talk over them all, I calmly said, “Who wants to learn to ballroom dance? If you do, raise your hand.” About two dozen people did so and I took them to the other side of the room. The noise only grew as the remainder started setting up for a party, so I lead the dancers to another room.