Dream #845

Dreamt of a large, glass-ceilinged atrium filled with trees and plants. A narrow balcony ran around the upper level of the atrium. It was my job to design a series of bridges, platforms, and rope swings so people could work their through the canopy without touching ground.


Dream #844

Dream of jumping into a clear shallow pool to rescue a handful of sleeping kittens who’d been dragged in by large, flat crabs. I needed to get the crabs to release the kittens before they drowned, but I didn’t want to hurt the crabs in the process.

I felt a sharp pain on the top of my right foot. Then another. Then a third stabbing pain on my right wrist. When I came out of the water with the oh so still kittens in hand I found three stick-like leeches had attached themselves to me.

Dream #843

Dreamt of discovering I’d forgotten to bring my towel into the shower. The stall was one of many along the wall. I placed my soap and shampoo on the rack and turned on the water to let it heat up. When I got back with my towel I found all the stalls were full and my toiletries were nowhere to be found.

Dream #842

Dreamt I was on the deck putting on my new orange, white, and black Converse All-Star tennis shoes. I was with Yuko-hime and it was a beautiful autumn day and the woods around were ablaze with orange, gold, and red leaves. But I couldn’t enjoy the scenery as I was late for the last test for my Masters.

As I was tying my shoes, we heard a crow caw. I felt and heard the plop as it pooped on my left shoulder. As Yuko-hime ran to get me a towel, the dog — a large, greyhoud golden retriever mutt — decided to like my face. As it did so, it’s chin and chest spread the crow poop all over my jacket and even my chin.

Getting more and more upset, I knew we didn’t have time to get my current outfit cleaned up, so I ran inside to change, only to find my dresser and closet in total disarray.

Dream #841

Dreamt I’d been captured and my hands bound, but I was not helpless. I hooked my bound hands on a lever and swung myself through the gate. Doing so activated the lever, which released the large, white creature which was clearly not a polar bear. The beast was very hungry and I knew my captors would be occupied long enough for me to get away.

Dream #840

Dreamt that we came across a large brown bear in the woods. Everyone ran except for me. I climbed a tree to a broken off branch which served as the perfect perch. The bear didn’t give chase and has it passed underneath me it looked up. I could tell it was totally unconcerned with our presence.

Dream #839

Dreamt that Sam and Dean Winchester and I just took down an demonologist. Unfortunately, he managed to finish the summoning before we killed him and the demon materialized. It wasn’t the black smoke type demon from the show, but rather was a large, gray, stony-skinned humanoid with large ears, claws, and teeth. We knew we didn’t have a chance of beating it with the weapons we had on hand, so we ran.