Dream #819

Dreamt of watching some other men try and catch fish. First, they couldn’t find them. I found all the fish under the dock, which was very large, made of stone, with enough space for us to easily walk the ledges underneath. Then, the bait the men were using — some sort of pink, clay-like fish food that they’d shaped into long noodles — did not interest the fish. When asked why the fish were taking my bait but not theirs even though we were using the same thing, I explained that I just rolled it in little pellets. After all, most fish don’t like noodles.


Dream #818

Dreamt of swimming far out into a lake. For the most part, the water was shallow enough to stand and very calm, but there was a strong current around the point and I had trouble swimming back into it. When I got back to the public beach I discovered my swimming suit had slipped out of place, exposing me. But I managed to get everything readjusted before anyone noticed.

Dream #817

Dreamt trying to get down to the lake to go swimming. The dirt bank was very steep and had rocks at the bottom, so sliding was not an option. Being very sure-footed, I made it down to the bottom first. A little girl was having trouble, so I let her step into my hands and I lowered her down. Hannah S., who was next, didn’t want any assistance.

Dream #816

Dreamt that Hannah S. was trying to sublet her rental house prior to her move. Her lease was up at the end of November and her landlord wouldn’t let her out of it. I told Hannah that if she couldn’t find some one to take the house by the end of August, I would sublet it from her, on the condition that the landlord give us the option of signing a new lease directly with him after the Hannah’s lease was up. I hadn’t talked to Yuko-hime about it yet, but thought having a summer home would be nice.

Dream #815

Dreamt I’d broken the thin bone in my forearm. As I was trying to tell Yuko-hime about it, she grabbed my arm and squeezed, causing excruciating pain. “Be gentle! It hurts!” Yuko-hime apologized. I showed her exactly where the break was and told her she could feel the dislocated bone with her finger. She started digging into the spot with her finger nail. “Stop it!” I cried as tears started to flow.

Dream #814

Dreamt that Fred G. tried to talk Yuko-hime and I into dancing Rising Star at the Blue Moon Ballroom’s DanceSport competition. We tried to explain that we were Amatuer competitors and Rising Star was a Pro event, so we would lose our Amateur status if we competed. But he really wanted the local talent to dance at his event.

Dream #813

Dreamt that my father, Paul A., had taken up competitive ballroom dancing. He was so into it that he financed a local competition so he could compete Pro-Am locally and all his family and friends could watch.