Dream #781

Dreamt I was pushing Yuko-hime in a wheelchair and I was having a lot of trouble navigating. I kept bumping her feet and hands into doorways and furniture. And it hurt her each time. I got more and more upset and began to cry.

I woke up crying.


Dream #780

Dreamt that I was trying to eat dinner while a group people were examining everything in my room. They found my favorite figurine sitting on my desk and began making fun of me for it. I tried to play along but my heart was breaking. Finally, I was so upset that I yelled at everyone to get out. When they finally left I curled up on the carpet in a little ball and cried.

I woke up crying.

Dream #779

Dreamt that my older brother, Eric A., was speeding quite significantly — we were traveling at well over 100-mph — and swerving in and out of traffic. When we hit the cloverleaf ramp the car tipped up on the driver-side wheels, the other two leaving the ground. I was so scared I was crying in the back seat, “Eric, slow down! I don’t even have my seatbelt on!”

I woke up crying.

Dream #778

Dreamt I was part of an elite co-ed unit that was composed largely of celebrities turned soldiers. We were relaxing naked in a large spa-like mud path after having returned from our patrol and Justin Bieber had somehow snuck in with us. He wasn’t a soldier by was playing at being cool and hitting on the women in our unit. Cinthia Fernandez, in particular, was getting really irritated by his continual come-ons.

Dream #777

Dreamt that a man was threatening Yuko-hime and me with a gun, which was pointed right at my forehead. “Don’t go for you gun,” he warned me. I pulled out my gun so fast that the motion took him by surprise and he backed up a step, allowing me to place the barrel right under his chin.

“Don’t you dare do anything foolish,” I told him.

Dream #776

Dreamt of running up a long, gentle stone staircase through the woods. Many narrow trails headed off between the trees and through the grass around me. I worried that the staircase was taking me in the wrong direction. My legs felt weak and heavy, as if made of lead.

Dream #775

Dreamt a car sped over the hill and drove through a family of six trying to cross the street. I arrived at a run to find the mother and three of the young children were fine, but one child and the infant were not. As soon as I touched the baby’s skin I knew it was dead. “Do you have a cellphone?” I asked. “We need to call 911!” The mother ran off with her surviving children, afraid that if I called emergency services the police would put her in jail. They left me alone in the street with the dead baby.