Dream #726

Dreamt we followed the sound of voices speaking in what we thought was Latin into the cellar, where we found a trap door in the floor. The trap door was made of an unusual yellow-grey metal and had a pentagram surrounded by occult symbols etched into it. The voices were clearly coming from below the trap door and were summoning a demon.

We had two choices. We could either lock the door from our side hoping to trap everyone — and everything — below, or we could climb down through the trap door and, hopefully, interrupt the ceremony before its completion. Both options had their dangers and I woke up pondering the pros and cons.


Dream #725

Dreamt of floating on a clear lake, watching a snake swim through the muck along the bottom. As it slithered up on the beach I noticed it had beautiful, red and yellow yin-yang type markings along its back. I didn’t know what kind of snake it was, but the the saying, “Red meet black, friend to Jack. Red meet yellow, kill a fellow.” ran through my mind when I saw it. I left the snake alone.

Dream #724

Dreamt that my older brother, Eric A., was living out of beat-up rusty car. He got in the habit of changing the tires on a regular basis to minimize wear.

Dream #722

Dreamt of traveling through a dense forest with a group of people including Yuko-hime and Daniel A. We flew with the aid of a device that attached to our belts and our shoulders, giving us mechanical wings. Navigating through the canopy was tricky, but everyone flew just fine.

Dream #721

Dreamt of going to lunch in a large cafeteria with Dan H. We got our trays, made our selections, and got in line to pay. That’s when I realized I was only wearing a t-shirt and boxers.

Dream #720

Dreamt of attending a camp at which everyone — men and women — shared the same one-roomed living quarters. There was no furniture, just small, thin mattresses on the floor. We were expected to bring our own bedding. Most people brought sleeping bags, but I brought a couple of blankets. I realized that changing clothes might be an issue. Either we’d all get very comfortable seeing each other naked or we’d work out turns for men and women.