Dream #595

Dreamt of a gigantic aquarium. It was the size of four city blocks in footprint and had to be at least a quarter mile high. I watched as a beautiful brunette girl swam to the surface in a tight brown dress. She was working as a model for a shoot involving a large shark. I hoped the shark didn’t confuse her for lunch.


Dream #594

Dreamt of helping a friend move into her new apartment on the second floor. The apartment had concrete walls with chipped paint and felt cold and damp. I hoped it would clean up nice. I’d lived in the attic and basement units in the past and suggested she feel free to contact the landlord. “Brad Johns is the best landlord I’ve ever had,” I told her.

Dream #593

Dreamt that Will K., Rick F., and I were at a Church concert. It was a very small venue and they’d just finished playing their first set, which was two hours long and uninterrupted. I could tell the band was pretty thirsty, so I asked Steve Kilbey if I could get him something to drink.

“Yeah, a Mr. Pibb would be great,” he said.

Dream #592

Dreamt a man was threatening me with a gun. I knew if I ran he’d shoot me or Yuko-hime, so my only hope was to get close enough to disarm him. I kept my hands up, smiled, and kept talking as I edged slowly closer. As I did so, the barrel of his gun extended and bent. That’s when I moved.

Dream #591

Dreamt of watching as a small boy ran across the street and hit by a car. The car speed off without stopping. The boy’s parents were nowhere to be found. I called 911 as another bystander pulled him out of the street. “I’d like to report a hit and run!”

“I’m sorry,” said the lady at the other end, “You’re going to have to get off this line. More important things are happening.”

“But it was a child!”

The line went dead. And that’s explosions rocked the city as the invading army arrived.

Dream #590

Dreamt of walking with a group of teenagers to class. A thin layer of fresh snow covered the sidewalk and the old drift of ice and snow on either side. I was the only one who seemed to enjoy the cold as I ran up the drifts and down again.

Dream #589

Dreamt that Janet S. and I were doing a ballroom dance demonstration for the class that she and I were teaching. We did a foxtrot that involved her lifting me up on her shoulder for dramatic effect.