Dream #527

Dreamt of fighting off a large mob with nothing but a staff that had a twisted metal prong on one end. Most people were intimidated by my skill and I barely had to touch them before they’d back off. Shihan McGregor, however, was not so intimidated, and when he shrugged off a hard trust directly into the chest I knew I was in trouble.


Dream #526

Dreamt of needing to use the restroom at a small, rustic, seaside bar. The bar had a large deck overlooking the ocean. The restroom — and I use that that term loosely — was a toilet enclosed by a short, waist-high wooden wall. As I sat, a pretty brunette girl waited, watching. “Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ve seen it all before.”

Dream #525

Dreamt of trying to find my way up to the fourteenth floor of a mall/hotel/entertainment complex. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the elevators. An employee gave me directions, but I got turned around and lost in the crowd. I couldn’t even find my way back to the reception desk.

Dream #524

Dreamt of arriving at my hotel room to find the doors open and all four of our keys missing. Nick B. — who, along with two other people, I was sharing the room with — suggested that someone stay in the room at all times so no one would get locked out.

Dream #523

Dreamt of trying to find my way off the roof of a twenty-story building. An external staircase tucked behind the elevator penthouse offered a safe way down if I could make the short jump. The jump, if performed at ground level, would’ve been no sweat, but the possibility of a long fall if I missed my landing proved worrisome.

Dream #522

Dreamt of visiting Katy J. at her parents’ house, where she was living. She explained it was a temporary situation: just for one semester for health reasons.

Dream #521

Dreamt of going out for a night on the town with my older brother. He was wearing all black and had a handgun tucked into his pants. He told me stories of his college days, which were full of drugs, sex, and violence. “I didn’t know you partied so hard!” I told him. “I just had a little bit of alcohol in college, and that was it.”