Dream #447

Dreamt of being lead downstairs into an ancient seller were I found four friends, including Mary Beth S. I was invited to join their secret group who were dedicated to fighting of incursions of Lovecraftian horrors from beyond time and space, including Cthulhu. I didn’t believe them at first, but then the showed me a multidimensional projection — which looked much like very complicated pentagram carved in three dimensions using white and red light — which convinced me of the danger.


Dream #446

Dreamt of carrying around what looked like a large piece of yellow beef jerky. I was looking for the last Irish woman, who I found in a bar with two of her male Irish friends. I set the beef jerky in the center of the table and asked her to touch it, which she did. The jerky softened, lifted off the table, turned green, and began to grow. Curious, one of the men touched it over my protests, at which point he began to dissolve into green goo.

Dream #445

Dreamt that Bill B. fixed the plumbing in my mother’s house because Rodger T. was unavailable. He installed bright blue insulated pipes to connect all the fixtures and had to demo some walls between the kitchen and the corridor in order to run them properly.

Dream #444

Dreamt a faerie asked me to make her some new wings. I built them out of cyberware and steampunk mechanics, being extra careful to balance them aesthetically and aerodynamically. I also included some rockets for extra thrust.

Dream #443

Dreamt of walking along a trail through the autumn forest with Yuko-hime. The trail followed a river. The season was late: most of the trees were bare, but some still had a little color. I explained to Yuko-hime that I used to walk this trail a lot as a child and that it was too bad it wasn’t earlier in the season. The colors would’ve been much more vibrant then.

Dream #442

Dreamt of two heterosexual couples. In one couple, the woman had died and the man had cancer. As the drama unfolded, it turns out the cancer-striken man used to date the living woman, but he broke up with her because he knew is friend was in love with her. The living woman turned to the friend — who was now her husband — for comfort. But, through all this time, she still loved the cancer-striken man. Hearts breaking and tears were on all sides.

Dream #441

Dreamt of walking with a friend through thick bog. We both had heavy burdens on our backs. At one point, my friend slipped into the water below the beat. I could hear him crying out, but I could not find him.