Dream #337

Dreamt of dancing cha cha at a dance competition.  It was all lead and follow and we still did very well.  Our spot turns, in particular, were excellent.


Dream #336

Dreamt that two ladies walked by my desk.  Their faces were much smaller than their heads and they moved very stiffly and precisely.  The lady who passed closest to me refused to account for my presence and nailed me in the shoulder with her swinging arm.  She continued on her way as if nothing happened.  Miffed, I turned back to my work, only to get hit in the back of the head.

“What the hell?!?!” I yelled as I turned to see the lady who’d already hit me in the shoulder.  She turned and left without saying a word.

Dream #335

Dreamt I was working a second position in addition to my architectural design job.  Both Byron E. and my boss at my second position decided the version 3 iPhone I used for personal calls was not good enough and ordered a new verision 5 for me.  So I’d be carrying around three iPhones:  one for each position and one for personal use.  Luckily, they were okay with me getting different colored cases so I could tell them apart.

Dream #334

Dreamt of attending a dance-party type social.  Lots of music and dancing.  At one point, a circle opened up on the floor and everyone was expected to take a turn in the center.  I was uninterested in entering the circle put other attendees were pressuring me due to my ballroom experience.  Fortunately, the music ended before it became my turn.

Dream #332

Dreamt I attended a workshop with mystical guru and her student with some of my shamanic friends, including Mary Beth R.  The guru sat on a raised platform attached the wall and her student at her feet.  The guru would only talk directly to her student — one word at a time — who then expanded on the lesson we were supposed to learn.  I thought it was a rather arrogant way to behave, but understood that different traditions had different expectations of appropriateness.  Even so, I questioned the authenticity of the guru.

We began drumming.  As I journeyed to the sound, I saw two energy beings at the front of the room through my eyelids where I knew the guru and her student should be.  I was reassured.

I woke up to find the room dark, the guru and her student gone, and all the other attendees asleep.  The guru and her student had sneaked out while we were sleeping and I knew we’d been deceived.

Dream #331

Dreamt I was studying at the library for my last final.  I stayed late and when I left, I was lost.  I thought my dorm was just down the street, but I couldn’t find it.  Then I couldn’t find the library again.  I was terrified I wouldn’t find my way back home.