Dream #302

Dreamt that my boss came into my office with a printout of an email he received from an angry proponent.  Apparently the project was severely sub-par.  I had no memory of doing the project and, after some digging, had to explain to my boss that the Jeremy in Pharmacy did the work, not me.


Dream #301

Dreamt of waiting for the elevator.  The doors opened and closed so quick that only Yuko-hime had time to get on and I almost lost a hand as they snapped shut.  I knew she’d wait for me at the next floor, but the quickness of the doors was very concerning to myself and the couple waiting behind me.

Dream #300

Dreamt of walking with Yuko-hime through the Pill Hill area of Rochester, MN.  I noted an uncomfortable spot on the bottom of my shoe and when I looked at it, discovered I’d worn a hole through the sole.

Dream #299

Dreamt of hanging out in a nightclub with Yuko-hime.  When she left to visit the lady’s room, a young woman wearing next to nothing offered me candy in exchange for a free-will donation of whatever spare change I had.  When I told her I didn’t have any, she gave me a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and a Take 5 and, looking me up and down said, “Don’t worry, I’ll get you later.”

Dream #298

Dreamt of attending a burlesque show with Yuko-hime and a friend.  April D. was supposed to join us.  When the friend found out, he was very excited.  “She’s a fiery little redhead, isn’t she!” he exclaimed.  I was a little confused as April had been blonde for quite some time.

Dream #296

Dreamt of walking through a sporting facility looking for the restroom.  I passed an open studio with a martial arts class being taught inside.  Kirby S. was teaching class and for some reason had shaved his head.