Dream #238

Dreamt of watching a mass sacrifice intended to feed the horrors from beyond time and space.  The sacrifices were willing, pushing those in front of them up the spire and through the gate.  Thousands died or were trapped on the Other Side when the portal finally closed.  At which point I was approached to lead the next sacrifice and be the first one through the gate, leading thousands more to their doom.


Dream #237

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I were walking through a lush, green valley, following the path of an ancient riverbed.  Traces of the ancient civilization that once thrived there could still be seen, particularly the stone foundations of the bridges.

Dream #236

Dreamt I could fly by holding my elbows out like chicken wings.  I didn’t need to flap as the pressure under my arms was enough to lift me off the ground, but it was clear I needed to strengthen my lats so I could fly without strain.  The dream was so vivid that I remember being shocked that I could fly like this in real life, not just in dream.

Dream #235

Dreamt of walking through a quarry with mountains of gravel all around.  I was carrying two pieces of equipment the employees used in their work, but I didn’t know where I had got them.  Not wanting to be accused of stealing, I placed tools on the ground where they’d be easily found.

Dream #234

Dreamt we had an alligator in the bathtub and the dogs were mighty curious.  We needed to figure out a way to train the dogs to leave the alligator alone.

Dream #233

Dreamt we needed to work our way into a top secret facility to undo a ritual that had opened a gateway to the Other Side.  I carried the Elder Sign which could be used to detect and destroy those tainted by exposure to the horrors from beyond space and time and, if we made it that far, close the gate.

Dream #232

Dreamt of a brown stone house with a three-terraced garden in front.  Two tiers of flowers, one of vegetables with retaining walls in between.  A long concrete staircase lead up to the wooden porch.