Dream #162

Dreamt of running along the median of a divided highway.  I was following a muddy trail at the bottom of the ditch, but I jumped from bank to bank to avoid the worst of the mud.


Dream #161

Dreamt that the toilet in the Red House overflowed.  I bailed water off the floor into the bathtub while standing in plastic box.  Once I’d reduced the filthy water to the point where the towels could soak it up, I went downstairs to see that none of it had leaked into the kitchen.

Dream #160

Dreamt of attending a street festival in a town so small that they closed the entire length of Main Street — the only street — to throw it.  Rolling hills with a beautiful autumn forest were clearly visible over the roofs of the houses and shops.  Mus M., Stephanie B., and Yuko-hime were there with me, watching Dharma D. salt ham by hand.

Dream #159

Dreamt of visiting a village on a tropical island.  Legend had it that a monster lived in the lagoon and tradition designated all the men of a certain age as defenders of the village in case the monster attacked.  No one had seen the monster in generations, however, but it decided to attack the day of my visit.

A man was walking on the beach when a large tentacle snaked out of the water and grabbed him.  I cut him free with my sword and the man immediately took off through the village and up the hill.  I ran into the village to warn people as more and more tentacles reached out of the water, looking for prey.  I only found women and children, who I told to run and hide.

Following the man who ran, I found the rest of the men, all hiding up in the hills while their wives tried to save the children from the horrible danger.  I yelled and berated them, calling them cowards.  “I am a stranger among you and I’ve done more to save your own wives and children than you have!”  My words had no impact so I began punching them.  Even when they started pulling guns they couldn’t stand before my rage.

Dream #158

Dreamt that my friend kept a pet dolphin in a water-proof pouch on his belt.  The dolphin was tiny — maybe a little bigger than my hand — but very friendly and playful.  The friend had a larger tank in his room and often took his dolphin for a swim in the nearby ocean.

At one point, a large, muscular man grabbed the dolphin out if its pouch and taunted my friend while tossing the dolphin back and forth between his hands.  I watched in horror as the dolphin went limp and I was afraid it was dead.

I hit the man as hard as I could, right in the jaw, and sent him flying.

Dream #157

Dreamt of attending a tropical resort with dozens of married couples.  Everyone was polite, but not friendly to me, likely due to them feeling awkward about Yuko-hime’s death.  She was supposed to attend this getaway with me.  So I spent my time eating by myself, walking the beach by myself, and exploring the countryside, all by myself.  And crying.