Dream #84

Dreamt that I lived in a house that flooded a lot.  In order to protect my comic book collection, I rigged up a rope and pulley system that would hoist them up to the ceiling as needed.  But when I was testing the system, one of the ropes broke, dropping my comics and scattering them all over the floor.  As I was cleaning them up, Danny B. came over and apologized.

“I’m sorry, Sensei,” said Danny, “But I ripped the cover of this comic book.”

I was very angry.  “You took my comics without asking and you ripped the cover?!?  What if that comic had been worth $1,000?!?!”


Dream #83

Dreamt I and one other person were put on a raft.  The raft drifted across the ocean to the Philippines where I spent some time visiting Daniel A.

Dream #82

Dreamt of visiting my mother when my aunt came over to visit.  My aunt began being mean to my mother, calling her names and insulting her.  It was clear she was being intentionally mean while trying to cover it with humor.

“Why are you being such a bitch?!” I asked, “Why are you being so mean and rude?”

My mother immediately jumped to my aunt’s defense, “You don’t talk to your aunt like that!  You can’t leave until you apologize and give her a hug!”

“I will not!” I said as I stormed off to my room, now angry with both women.

Dream #81

Dreamt I was teaching a taekwondo class of three or four dozen students including Tim H., Maddy H., Al S., and Bob H.  At one point, when I was helping someone with a technique, almost everyone wandered off.  I was pissed.  Calling everyone over, I began yelling at the top of my lungs about responsibility and respect.  Finally, a girl with a prosthetic leg stood up to me in clear, non-defensive, reasonable tones.  Her courage calmed me down and I smiled.

Dream #80

Dreamt I was a werewolf being hunted by a dozen or so soldiers equipped with special werewolf detecting sensors.  They couldn’t tell someone was a werewolf without them.  Knowing this, I ran towards a group of werewolves until the multiple pings confused the sensors.  Then I circled around as a human, surprised them from behind, and ripped the soldiers to shreds.

Dream #79

Dreamt that I chose two doughnuts — one glazed, one chocolate glazed — in the cafeteria.  I felt a little guilty as I’d already had a doughnut for breakfast.  As it was, the tray slipped in my hand before I could pay and I dumped my doughnuts on the floor.

Dream #78

Dreamt that the orbit of an abandoned and unpowered space station was decaying.  The only way to keep it from crashing was to spacewalk from the next closest station.  I was chosen for the mission and pushed myself off knowing full well that if I’d mistimed my jump I’d be lost in space forever.