Dream #1,095

Dreamt I’d acquired all eight Demon Possessed Rings. Each ring contained a demon. When someone put on a Ring, they’d become possessed by the demon. We had no means to destroy the Rings, so the only thing we could do was hide them somewhere. We found eight oak trees and, using a hammer, bounded the rings into the bark. The oaks, understanding the task, quickly grew around the Rings, embedding them in their trunks. We knew that the trees would eventually be cut down or die, but it was the best solution we could come up with for now.

Dream #1,094

Dreamt of riding on top of a train through a post-apocalyptic wasteland. A young mutant tried to jump up onto the tanker car with me. I grabbed his clawed hand when he missed his grip and pulled him up beside me. He had black, raccoon-like eyes, but was clearly part wolf. I don’t remember where the train was going.

Dream #1,093

Dreamt of sliding very quickly down the icy highway on my stomach. My trench coat offered some protection from the friction, but it was in tatters in short order. So I put my palms on my chest as an extra buffer, knowing my gloves were made of tougher material. I still worried I’d be losing skin before I got to my destination.

Dream #1,092

Woke up from a nightmare screaming. I tried to explain that I’d already had four nightmares, but I only woke up to the fifth one, and I couldn’t remember any of them. Yuko-hime held me until I calmed down.

Dream #1,091

Dreamt of watching Yuko-hime approach me along the sidewalk, the branches of a large green tree hanging overhead, and a small boy walking beside her, his hand in hers. He was our son.

Dream #1,090

Dreamt of swimming through the deep ocean with a small boat. Every time a shark came close — and there were many large sharks — I tried to quickly pull myself back into the boat. But it was tippy, so I couldn’t stay in it for long. Jerry L., one of my colleagues, happened to be swimming in the ocean with me. The whole time he was talking on the subject of sharks. “Most sharks are actually more afraid of you then you are of them. The only two types of shark you really need to be afraid of are tiger sharks and great white sharks…”

Dream #1,089

Dreamt of standing high on a snowy bluff, looking over the sea. A golden retriever had fallen in and was struggling to swim in the icy water. I dove in. As I hit the surface, the water began to freeze. But due to the churning of the waves and the high salt content, the water turned to slush instead of solid ice. I swam with the dog — helping keep its head above water as needed –under the cliff to a point where we could both climb out onto a staircase made of snow.