Dream #1,304

Dreamt of staying in a hotel with Yuko-hime. We pulled through the front doors and tried find a place in the hallway to park our car. There were a couple of utility spaces a cross the hall, so I tried parking there, first, but it turned out one of the rooms was the locker and shower room for the staff. Turns out the space between the doors to our room and the room next to ours was just big enough. So I parked there.

Room service arrived while Yuko-hime was in the shower. The girl delivering our food was naked from the waist up. She handed my the bill and and pencil. I was confused at first, “Why a pencil? Would a pen be better?”

“Which do you think you’d get more use out of?” She responded as I tried to calculate a 20% tip.

“I’d think a pen,” I answered, being careful with my eye contact.

“That’s what I’d think, too, but apparently they did some studies and people get more use out of one pencil than they do one pen. Never mind the extra work of having to sharpen it, or the smudging…” The girl rolled her eyes.

“And why are you topless?” I finally get the courage to ask.

“For the tips, duh.”

Dream #1,303

Dreamt of driving down country roads and passing through small towns and villages. I noticed that most people were busy stuffing their attics with straw. Some roofs were almost bursting at the seams. I knew times were tight and people were doing everything they could to save money. And straw makes good insulation. I wondered what they were doing for a roofing material? It couldn’t just be mud because that would run in the rain and soak through the straw. Maybe a from of claw that hardened enough in the sun to become water insoluble?

Dream #1,302

Dreamt of talking to a group of colleagues. I told them, “If I were to go back to school, I’d like to study medical gas piping.”

Randy D. gave me a look and said, “We deal with medical gas piping all the time. You can come down and work with us.”

“You guys do mostly maintenance, which is interesting enough,” I responded. “But I want to get into the theory of managing flow and volume estimations.”

Dream #1,301

Dreamt of traveling via RV with Yuko-hime. The road we were traveling was a dirt road through farmland. When we got tired, we’d just pull over and park until we were ready to keep traveling. The RV was equipped with windows that, with a verbal command, would turn black, obscuring all vision in and out.

We pulled into the parking lot of school-like building, but it was a residence of some sort for adults. A storm was brewing to the East and we wanted to be in something a little more structurally sound than our RV when the storm it. The news was reporting a tornado watch. We were set up in a room of our own with windows looking to the east. We unpacked some gear and tried to get settled in, but the sky kept getting more and more scary.

I pointed out the window. “Look, Yuko-hime, that looks like a tornado forming.” And sure enough, it was. Five additional tornadoes dropped from the clouds and started tearing up the countryside. They were still way in the distance. The rest of the residents stepped outside to get a clearer look.

I, on the other hand, rearranged our beds. I figured the brick-and-concrete structure would withstand the tornadoes, but I knew the windows would break and the glass likely fly inward. I placed our beds on the far side of the wall and arranged some of our bedding as curtain, hoping it was absorb some of the glass shards.

Dream #1,300

Dreamt of stopping in to visit my childhood home — the Red House — to see what had become of it. I discovered that one of my current neighbors — whose name I had trouble remembering — had bought it and was currently in the process of remodeling it. It was now green instead of red. The roof over the front portion of the living room and dining room had been removed and those spaces were now open to the sky. Other parts towards the back of the house were getting worked on as well, but I didn’t make it all the way in. The current owner engaged me in conversation.

“Jeremy! Good to see you! Where are you living now?”

“Oh, hi…” I racked my brain trying to remember his name. I thought, Joel, but he didn’t look like the Joel I remembered. “Yuko-hime and I bought a house a couple blocks from here. How’s your wife?”

“Anita’s great. And the kids are, too!” Anita was Joel’s wife’s name, and they had two kids, so I started thinking that maybe this was Joel…”But, I gotta get going.”

“Joel,” I risked it, “Yuko-hime and I are having a cocktail party later. Why don’t you stop by?”

“That sounds great! Can I bring Addie and Gus?” I’d guessed correctly. It was Joel.

“Of course!”

When I got home, I told Yuko-hime about my interaction. And told her about the cocktail party. “Of course we can have a cocktail party! But we better check with our roommate to make sure she’s okay with the noise. You can invite her, too, if you’d like.”

Go to the back of the house where our roommate lives. She has a whole suite to herself, with a private exit, so we don’t see her very often. She happens to be home. “We are having a cocktail party, would you like to join us? I make some good rum-based cocktails.”

“Can you make a bucolic mojito?” she asked.

“I make good mojitos, but I’ve never made a bucolic one. How are they different?”

She pulls out a jar filled with what look like orangish-beige olives that have been carved into mini flowers. “Just add one of these to your mojito,” she said.

Dream #1,299

Dreamt of trying to meet Will K. at the Tropicana in downtown Minneapolis. The Tropicana was a nightclub sort of venue that was known for having live bands. I showed up early and found a place on the risers where I laid out my blanket and got comfortable. Eventually I realized that the Tropicana wasn’t quite “bar-like” enough for me, and didn’t have any food, so decided to find another place to meet Will. I gave him a call while I was walking around. “Where are you going?” he asked.

“How about Vincent’s? It’s the bar below Victor Fong’s restaurant.” Victor Fong is one of the best Standard dancers in the world and, apparently, had opened a gourmet restaurant.

“That sounds good. When should I meet you?” asked Will.

“I’m on my way now.”

But I have trouble find the place. Most of the streets had been torn up for remodeling and construction work, so I continually get detoured. At one point I get so turned around that I have to jump a chasm in the road, barely making it to other side. Finally, I ask one of the construction workers. “I’ll show you the way!” he says and takes off running.

I run to keep up, but he’s way a head of me. Suddenly he stopped to talk to a couple of girls and they run along with him. All three disappear inside Fong’s Restaurant. I find them sitting at a table with and extra chair for me. It was clear the construction worker was hoping to hook up with the girl sitting next to him, and I was expected to hook up with the girl next to the empty seat. I had no interest in joining this stranger and these two girls. I don’t sit, but I offer my name and my hand as an introduction. The girls give me there names and giggle out something about being Gammas. Apparently, they were sorority girls.

Dream #1,298

Dreamt a couple of friends were helping me clean out my bedroom in the Red House. The bedroom was both the bedroom that I remember and grassy field outdoors with a lone tree. I was going through the stuff I had seen or thought about in years in the cabinets and found a lot I wanted to throw out. I started with the empty plastic bags. I tied them in knots and put them in the garbage. Next was a lot of old clothes with stones scattered through the piles. Upon closer inspection, many of the stones had tiny symbolic engraving on them. I recognized them as gifts from the shamanic community — people I’d attend the Three-Year Training Course with, including Toni K.P. and Deanna S. So I decided to keep those.

Next I found an old pillow, which I planed on throwing out. But a friend grabbed it from me, saying it was hers. That she’d loaned it to me many years ago and that I’d never returned it. I gave it back freely with an apology. She pulled out about $50 in small bills, which she’d apparently hidden in there so many years ago.