Dream #1,448

Dreamt of dancing with Yuko-hime in a ballroom competition. I stepped back into a counter-check and as I did so, Yuko-hime lunged forward and arched backward, trying to create a huge curving shape. The force of her motion knocked me over backward, but I managed to land in the correct position anyway.

After the competition, we watched the video in slow motion. Our coach was amazed that we landed that picture line as it was clear in the video that the slip had sent my front foot up over my waist and out. Most people wouldn’t have been able to recover. “But look at your final position!” he said. “Look at that extension! Your position is almost perfect!”


Dream #1,447

Dreamt of watching two earth-like worlds collide. The action seemed to be in slow motion, but in reality, they planets were just approaching each other very slowly. So slowly that the collision barely broke the planets’ crusts. The ecosystems and atmospheres of both planets survived intact.

I began to wonder what the weather would be like on this new, combined planet. The point of connection would likely be in shadow most of the year, so snow and ice would accumulate there, creating a third pole. With north and south poles still existed depended on the angle of rotation.

Dream #1,446

Dreamt of attending a black metal concert with Yuko-hime and a couple other people. The headliner was Danzig and he was doing an acoustic set. I watched in amazement as the crowd danced in synchronized movements, almost as if it was choreographed.

As we make our way through the crowd, I see a woman being groped by a man. She was trying to push him away, but the crowd was thick enough that she couldn’t get free. I step close, slip my arm between them, and turn. The man falls like a sack of potatoes. He hits the concrete hard and lays very still. I start to worry a bit that he may be dead, but I see him move in a sluggish, drugged like way and realize he’s just drunk and stunned. His friends lift him up and take him away.

When I look around, Yuko-hime and her friends are no where to be found.

Dream #1,445

Dreamt of playing catch with a football with a group of friends. We were scattered on the beach on the shallow water. A floating platform was anchored a little further out. The sky was bright over the lake. A friend missed a pass and the ball spiraled into the water on the other side of the dock. The ball stuck into the water, point first, much like and arrow would stick into its target. The football continued to spin, point down, as it moved from the other side of the dock to within easy reach and stopped there, still spinning. We were all mystified.

Dreams #1,444

Dreamt of coming across a teen-aged girl showing something to a group of smaller children. It was a small bird’s nest tucked into the rocks next to the sidewalk. The mother bird was there, screaming her head off, trying to scare the people way.

“Just leave the birds alone,” I told the girl.

She snarled at me and kicked at one of the baby birds, which had stepped out of the nest to make little peeping noises at her. I was shocked. How could anyone be so cruel? I had no idea how to respond. Anything I did would likely lead to more pain for the birds.

Dream #1,443

Dreamt of lying in a bathtub. The water was warm but wasn’t quite enough to cover my body. It was still very comfortable and I ended up falling asleep. When I awoke, I was chilled. All the water had evaporated, leaving my lying on a damp sheet.

Dream #1,442

Dreamt of standing in the corner in a packed house party. It was so crowded I could barely move. The man right in front of me got in an argument with the man in front of him. Someone was upset that someone got pushed or something and a fight was about to break out with my caught right next to it. I try to push passed, but doing so aggravated the one man so much that he forgot his previous target and started shoving me. I shoved him back and we started throwing punches. But it was so crowded neither of us could get a good swing in.