Dream #1,353

Dreamt of sitting around the campfire with my nephew, Connor, and a handful of other warriors and warriesses (that’s what female warriors were called in our tribe). It was night time. We’d camped in a shallow ravine which served as a seasonal riverbed. The ground was muddy from the recent rain and the sky was still darkly overcast. We sharpened our swords as we waited for daybreak and the next battle.

Dream #1,352

Dreamt of discussing creatures of horror with a couple others as we walked through a graveyard late at night. We came to the conclusion that horror monsters in the superhero genre tended to rely on cliched creatures — vampires, werewolves, zombies, and the like — while the creature in the horror genre had room for a lot more creativity.

As we were talking, a woman pulled herself out of a grave. She was clearly undead, hostile, and her guts had spilled out of the front of her abdomen. We wanted to call her a zombie, but we knew that couldn’t be correct as none of us had superpowers. As soon as we realized that, we became terrified, having no idea of what to expect from her.

Dream #1,351

Dreamt I’d been tricked into going through a wedding ceremony with Jim Carrey. We only had one bed and he insisted that we sleep together, clearly expect to do more than sleep. I really wanted a place to sleep, but didn’t want to put up with his come-ons, so I tried to explain that I’m already married to Yuko-hime and I was really only interested in women. He wasn’t convinced. I ended up leaving the room with him yelling at my back as I left.

Dream #1,350

Dreamt of stepping into the parking lot to see a small red car pull out of its spot wildly, t-boning a larger, nicer, blue car. It squealed its tires and raced away, jumping the curb and dropping several yards to the street below. It must have survived the fall as it wasn’t there when I looked for it.

A Japanese man came out. The blue car was his. I tried to explain that the red car was gone, that we had no way to track it down, but he insisted that we could get an imprint of the license plate from the dent that it had left in the door of his car. He didn’t seem to believe me when I tried to explain that the red car didn’t have a license plate.

Dream #1,349

Dreamt that Yuko-hime and I had gotten separated walking to the grocery store. I’d forgotten my phone so we had no way to connect. I was very tired, so went into the store and curled up onto the herb shelf to take a nap. That’s when I realized I was naked. I pulled some plastic up over me and tried to fall asleep.

Dream #1,348

Dreamt of attending a group ballroom class taught by Mariusz Olszewski. The ballroom in which the class to be held was the back room of a woodworking shop. The first room was stacked full of old wooden pallets and the floor we were to be in was covered with wood scraps and dust. Mariusz was very frustrated and apologized to us all, “We were supposed to have class elsewhere, but this is all we could get.”

Dream #1,347

Dreamt of watching Yuko-hime competing Smooth with a male professional. She clearly wasn’t doing something right as the expression on his face got more and more frustrated. Until finally, while Yuko-hime was in a hinge dip, he started violently shaking her arms. When she got out of the position, the instructor started yelling at her, right there on the floor. She answered him with calm and poise. I wanted to enter the floor myself and beat the crap out of him.