Dream #1,103

Dreamt we needed to open the Scorpion Gate to rescue Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, who was trapped on the Other Side. We hoped she’d made it to her side of the Gate as we had to be quick. We didn’t want to release any of the Lovecraftian horrors from the Other Side into our world. Buffy was there, but she was frozen as still as a statue and couldn’t breathe. My teammate talked me into leaving the Gate open as he didn’t think we had enough time to shut it down and get Buffy back to our base in time to save her. As we dragged her rigid body behind us, something came through. It was like liquid, red-black smoke that oozed and surged through the air after us. As it progressed through our world, the landscape around it bleed free of color. Leaves, flowers and sky all became white, tree trunks turned black.

Dream #1,102

Dreamt the head of a cult was trying to bring out the End of the World by summoning Lovecraftian monstrosities into our reality. We had traced his activities to a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and were discussing the best, fastest way to get there. Eventually we settled on a route that would take us through the city of Hope Point, Antarctica. This route was a little slower than sailing straight across the ocean, but it would allow us to resupply before raiding the island.

Dream #1,101

Dreamt of a red-black cloud of cohesive smoke. It moved partly like a liquid and partly like a gas, bouncing and floating and billowing as it chased me. It dissolved any plant or animal material it came in contact with. I found momentary safety in a camera store. One of the chemicals they used to develop film, “sorvono”, was poisonous to it and the smoke wouldn’t come close.

Dream #1,100

Dreamt a crocodile had grabbed a baby tiger in its jaws. A fox saw what happened and immediately jumped on the crocodile in an effort to free the tiger cub. The mother tiger, only knowing that her cub was in danger, attacked the fox, raking it’s face and back with her claws.

I jumped into the chaos, first separating the mother tiger from the fox and delivering her to some bystanders who held her back while I went back in to the fight. Fox and I managed to free the baby tiger from the crocodile. Knowing that crocodiles’ jaws a strong in closing, but weak in opening, I clamped my hands around its snout, and it immediately calmed down. The crocodile also began to shrink until it was small enough to have just crawled out of an egg.

The baby tiger was, miraculously, unharmed. The fox stood by, covered in deep cuts, but obviously proud. Seeing that her baby was safe, the mother tiger calmed down. Before passing the tiger cub to its mother, another bystander passed it into my arms, where it curled up and fell asleep.

Dream #1,099

Dreamt of noticing a strange distortion in my vision and traced it to a long, very thin, hair that had started growing out of the top of my cheek. It was fine enough that I couldn’t see it in the mirror, but when the sunlight caught it, then I could see it. I managed to get a good hold on it and pluck, which was painful. The hair was several inches long and I wondered how long it’d taken to grow and how I hadn’t noticed it before now. I also noticed that the root, which was large and vaguely grub-like, had come out with it. I hoped the hair wouldn’t grow back.

Dream #1,098

Dreamt of being part of a military force intent on retaking the city from the enemy. Our drop ship was stationed in low orbit and our forces needed to hit the ground face to minimize losses from anti-drop weaponry. One of the senior sergeants — who happened to have no use of his legs — was spending a lot of energy yelling at his troops instead of jumping himself. So I pushed him. As he fell, he swung his walker at me, losing hold of it. I knew he’d need it when he hit the ground, so I jumped immediately after him, just as our air support craft went nose down into a dive.

Dream #1,097

Dreamt that the two velociraptors had found a small hole in the back of their glass cage and were studying it intently, trying to find a way out. We couldn’t get back there to patch the whole without them hurting us, so my coworker decided to throw a stun bomb through the hole to knock them out. Unfortunately, he missed the hole and broke the panel near the hole, making it big enough for them to escape. While the velociraptors were still wondering if they could fit, I started yelling at my coworker. “We have to kill them now! Through the grenade in!” But he hesitated and the velociraptors escaped into the city.