Dream #1,393

Dreamt I could fly. My flight was guided by mostly by my mind and intention, but required a little push from the ground to get started. Flying made me so happy that waking up was a heartbreaking experience. I told Yuko-hime a little about it upon awaking and she was very sympathetic.

I was walking down the corridor to my next class. My steps were a little heavy. Other students were passing on all sides. Still longing for the power of flight, I took a little jump forward and focused my intention and I slid smoothly along the ground! A young man who had walking slightly behind me saw what happened.

“What did you do?” he asked in shock. There’s no way you should be able to slide along the tile like that! Did you slip in water?”

No, I had flown! Just a little, but just enough to show myself it was possible!

Then I woke up.


Dream #1,392

Dreamt of needing to urinate, but when I opened the lid of the toilet, I discovered that someone had filled the bowl with paper towel. Not wanting to compound the mess, I decide to clean it up. I pull out the first handful of soggy paper towel and look around for a place to dispose of it. The only thing in reach is the sink, so put the paper towel there as a temporary measure. After pulling out several more handfuls, I discover that there are cloth rags below the paper towel. And below the cloth rags are bath towels. I keep pulling out more and more material from the toilet, and piling it in the sink, until I’m actually reaching down through the toilet bowl into the pipe. And I realize that there is no way I can unclog the toilet.

Dream #1,391

Dreamt of walking along the sidewalk when I came upon a couple of people twirling ants. They’d find a small group of ants and work them up into a tiny tornado by twirling a thin, flexible straw. Once the ants were twirling, they could use the straw to lift and move the cyclone, usually to pick up more ants, thereby increasing its size. But sometimes they moved the twirling ants to interesting locations.

I found the whole activity very disturbing and tried to pass by without disturbing them. I plugged my ears so they could not stick straws in them.

Dream #1,390

Dreamt my mother was hosting a dinner for myself, my brother Eric A., and my two colleagues, Susan G. and Terri D. My mother had asked me to assist in the kitchen, even though I didn’t know what was doing. The first task was to heat something up in the microwave. So I took the dish out the back door to the guest house, because I knew the microwave in the main house was broken.

The guest house was small and a little cabin-like. It was one floor and seemed to have been a storage shed at one time. It didn’t have a furnace, but it was small enough that a space heater could keep it warm in the winter. It was a cozy little place with old furniture and plenty of windows, which I noticed someone had left open. Rain had come in during the storm the night before. So I placed the dish on the kitchen counter and closed all the windows.

When I went back to the kitchen, I noticed the microwave was gone. Confused, I walked back across the yard to the main house, only to discover that the back door was locked and I’d left my keys in the guest house. I went back across the lawn to get my keys and picked up the broom and the dust pan as well. Returning once again, I managed to drop the keys into the snow bank as the door swung open by itself. I bent over to retrieve my keys while trying to juggle the other three items in my other arm. I slept and fell into the snow, dropping everything.

At this point, I was done. I pushed my way through the bank door and curled up in a little ball on the shoe mat, throwing the shoes out of the way, and I began to cry.

I woke up crying.

Dream #1,389

Dreamt of standing between the front seats of a car in motion. The aisle between was wide like a bus, but it was clearly a car with only room for four: two in front, two in the back. As I turned to look out the front, my body suddenly became weak. I tried to move to my seat, but my legs gave out, then my arms, then I was paralyzed and fell backwards, weakly asking for help. The two people in the back and the woman driving totally ignored me.

I woke up in a sweat.

Dream #1,388

Dreamt I was in Japan with Rick F. We were exploring an older portion of Tokyo when we came across a record store that had some of the older vinyl albums by a band called God Of Eye. I wasn’t much into the vinyl, but I was very excited by the two bottles of God Of Eye rum — distilled by the band itself — that Rick found in one of the back bins.

Dream #1,387

Dreamt of an interesting art installation in a hotel lobby. Each piece was a silver horizontal rod hung at the center by a strong cable. They were free to turn as they wished, like a mobile. From each rod hung a series of concentric, bright red cable loops. The largest was attached to both ends of the rod, the next a couple inches in, the next a couple inches in from that, and so on. These pieces were hung at various heights above the floor, the lowest within easy reach.

One evening I got bored and instead of taking the stairs or the elevator, I decided to climb the mobiles to my room at the balcony several floors above. Wyatt G. thought that my decision was kind of neat, but was really unimpressed.