Dream #1,024

Dreamt that one of my students was late. The bus was ready to leave and everyone else was on board. I went up to her room to see what was going on. “Come in!” she called when I knocked. I opened the door to find her wearing a tight sweater which left very little to the imagination. And nothing else. She was naked from the waist down. I blushed and averted my eyes. “Oh,” she said, “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize this would bother her. I’ll fix it.” After the rustling of some clothing she said, “You can look now.” I looked up and she was totally naked.

Dream #1,023

Dreamt that deep space was much more crowded than scientists ever dreamed. Crowded with dark objects: starless planet, dense nebulae, and similar. As I drifted, the exterior lights of my starship lit up the interstellar background and it was astoundingly beautiful.

Dream #1,022

Dreamt of falling over backward into the lake. The water was strangely both a deep, rich blue and crystal clear. The bottom of the lake was brown with dirt and sand and the texture was vivid. My view was so clear that I lost track of which way was up in the expanse to the underwater horizon and swam end over end trying to find my way to the surface. My body, desperate for air, kept trying to breathe. A part of my brain thought it would be okay, but the terror caught my breath each time I tried to inhale.

Dream #1,021

Dreamt that humanity had lost the zombie apocalypse. A few of us survivors had taken refuge in the basement of a building when a torrential rain caused a mudslide, which nearly flooded our shelter with mud and debris. After the storm, we needed to dig our way out. After finally clearing a hole up the staircase, we watched in horror as a zombie so decomposed that its face was a featureless mass of decay, slowly slid its way down towards us.

Dream #1,020

Dreamt our castle was under siege. Our first line of defense was a line of low, unstable stone slabs standing on end with man-sized gaps in between them. The gaps funneled the attackers so we could deal with them a few at a time and, if they decided to scale the slabs, the slabs would collapse, killing some attackers and leaving treacherous footing.

Dream #1,019

Dreamt that Yuko-hime was an assassin sent in to kill me. She got as far as my bedroom before I confronted her.

“If I kiss you, will you still try to kill me?”

She answered with a little smile, with both hands behind her back.

I kissed her. She reached around behind me and I waited for the knife. But all she did was hold me closer.

“If you tie me up, they’ll think I got captured before I could complete my mission,” she said.

I tied her up and a giant hand reached into the room and pulled her away. Chasing after, all I could think was that I’d find her dead.

Dream #1,018

Dreamt of going shopping in a large, popular department store with Yuko-hime. She was dressed in a sharp business suit while I was wearing nothing but a black dress shirt. I was a little self-conscious to be naked from the waist down while in public, but Yuko-hime didn’t seem to mind or even notice.